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We provide Ink Card fingerprinting service to be transfer in digital with Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting for a level 2 background, which may include the following:

-Adoption & foster care
-Attorneys and legal workers
-Child Care
-Construction and Contractors
-Healthcare Workers
-Human services
-Management services
-Public record checks
-Social services
-State employment


Fingerprint Mobile Service is a mobile fingerprinting company that offers Mobile Ink and transfer into Live Scan fingerprint to obtain fast results and background within the Florida.

Also, if you have your Ink card ready we can help to convert in digital Live Scan. Our fingerprint service specialist use a mobile
ink fingerprint system to capture high quality fingerprint images at your home, place of business or a viable requested location.

We currently offer fingerprinting service in the following areas: Florida

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What you need to make digital fingerprint (convert your ink card to Live Scan) when Fingerprinted:

– ORI number
– OCA number (If applicable)
– Government issued photo ID (Passport, drivers license, etc.)
– Failure to provide the information above may lead to a rejection in your fingerprints.

Electronic Fingerprint (we do ink card then transfer to a digital with Scan) and can be imprint to Hard Cards later or use to get background. 

This is the perfect solution for businesses, or individuals that need licensing
in multiple states.

Fingerprint Mobile Service is your perfect solution. We fingerprint one time and print out as many FD-258 fingerprint cards as necessary (If you need later).

Contact us today for this new efficient digital fingerprint service.

Ink Services
Ink fingerprinting is especially common for executives and officers who need licensing in
multiple states & individuals applying for employment out of state.

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